Simple. Safe. Sanitary.

TOSSIBLES are your personal mini trash can for disposing of tampons, pads, and wipes.

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Environmental Costs of Wrapping Tampons & Pads in Toilet Paper

Did you know TP requires 37 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood per roll and is bleached white?

Kinder to the planet, TOSSIBLES are made from recycled materials and without wood pulp, water, or harsh chemicals like bleach.

Everyone has a period horror story.

Maybe it happened while you were giving a presentation in your white pants.

Maybe you learned the hard way that tampons and septic systems do not get along.

Or maybe you found your dog investigating the bathroom trash during That Time. Ugh!

We all know Aunt Flo does her own thing. Accidents happen!

However, period disposal doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Introducing TOSSIBLES: the first premium disposal experience for people who menstruate!

TOSSIBLES for Individuals

Still wrapping wrapping tampons and pads in toilet paper or flimsy bags? Are you ready for an upgrade?

Our stylish, biodegradable, disposable envelopes allow anyone with a period to dispose of their pads, tampons, or wipes safely and comfortably in any bathroom.

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Perfect for storing TOSSIBLES inside cabinet doors, on a mirror, or next to the toilet paper dispenser. Always in reach and always available for whenever needed.

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Count: 46 Disposal Envelopes (3 month supply)

Easily handle your period in any bathroom.

Whether you’re powering through at work, camping in the mountains, or dog-proofing your bathroom trash, TOSSIBLES makes period disposal effortless through its opaque, odor-controlling, tear-resistant, secure-seal design.

TOSSIBLES fit all tampons and applicators and most heavy-duty pads (roll them).

Flushing tampons risks clogging pipes and damaging infrastructure that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Yikes!

Keep TOSSIBLES handy using the in-home dispenser found here.


Easily take care of your period, keep bathrooms and the planet clean(er).


Protects your pipes. Using TOSSIBLES to discard your period products instead of flushing means less of a chance you’ll have to call the plumber.


Easy cleanup, from the bathroom all the way through the waste management process. This saves on water & ultimately our planet.

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